Sound of Flight Mural – 2014



Phase 2 is complete! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped and become part of this. All told, we were supported by over 60 business sponsors, two fundraising events, hundreds of donors and pledges from people in over 15 states! After a full summer of fundraising and painting, we are proud to call the project a success.

Be sure to head on over to to learn all about the amazing community support the mural has received!

Mural Mice Universal

R. E. Wall and Maggie Dewar of the Mural Mice have been instrumental in the realization of Sound of Flight. A collaborative effort on the Orpheum Theater mural has taken Sky’s original concept painted on a board just a few feet across and transformed it into a 4500 square foot mural that reaches well beyond the initial dream. We hope you will have a look at their website.


Above: Go Tell it to the Sea – Mural 2013

Right: Spanish Castle Magic – Mural 2013